Remote Yet Close: The Demand Inc. Story of Building a Thriving Work-from-Home Culture

February 19, 2024
Daniel Trujillo
7 min

Introduction to Demand Inc.'s Remote Work Ethos

As the sun rises over Guadalajara, another day in my remote work life begins. Here in my home, surrounded by the bustling energy of my two daughters, my son, a beautiful tapatia wife, and a pair of playful French bulldogs, the concept of 'office' has taken on a new meaning. At Demand Inc., we're pioneers of a work culture that's breaking the mold, not just in response to a trend, but as a commitment to a diverse and dynamic future.

From my corner of the world, the 'why' of our work is ever-present: we're here to drive growth, cultivate relationships, and connect across borders with a sincerity that can be felt across any digital channel. We've swapped the traditional office for a global virtual space where my colleagues in Spain, Argentina, Colombia, and the United States come together in a vibrant melting pot of cultures and ideas.

At Demand Inc., our strategies are steeped in purpose, and every interaction is an opportunity to build not just leads, but partnerships. We believe in the power of human connection, in the diversity that each team member brings, and in the collective energy that fuels our innovation. Our operations may span the globe, but our mission is singular: to create meaningful engagements that resonate well beyond the confines of any physical office.

Embracing remote work isn't just about adapting to the now; it's about shaping the future. It's about creating a workspace that's as boundless as our aspirations, where the true measure of distance is the stretch between our current achievements and the goals we're striving to reach. Demand Inc. is more than a company, it's a community, and every day, we're building a world of work that celebrates being authentic, embracing diversity, and thriving together, no matter where we log in from.

Redefining Remote Support at Demand Inc.

My home doubles as a workspace, a blend of familial laughter and professional focus. Here, at Demand Inc., our collaboration with Uber for Business isn't about fanfare; it's a practical move in our broader strategy to make remote working humane and supportive. Let's talk about what this means from my corner of the world, as a father and a director, fostering a culture that spans across continents.

  • Our partnership is about practicality. It's about the little things that make big differences. When we talk about seamless transportation, we're not just ensuring our team can make it to meetings on time, but also that they can be there for the moments that matter, like being present for a child's recital or a doctor's appointment.
  • The meal vouchers we offer aren't just about food; they're about moments of connection. When we share a virtual meal, whether it's a taco from Mexico or a paella from Spain, we're sharing our cultures and stories. We're more than just colleagues; we're a global family breaking bread across the digital table.
  • Recognition and rewards have taken on a new form. It's not just about performance; it's about acknowledging the effort and life happening around us. Whether it's sending a congratulatory meal for a team member's work anniversary or supporting someone who's been burning the midnight oil, these gestures matter.
  • Utilizing Uber for Business to support team members and also makes it easy to reward people for winning shirt competitions, our yearly Halloween costume contest that just happened, or simply helping out a colleague in need. For example, we recently used Uber for Business to provide a ride for an employee’s loved one to and from an important appointment, showcasing our commitment to supporting our team members and their families.

Ultimately, it's about people. It's about creating a work environment that respects the blend of our professional and personal lives. At Demand Inc., we're not just adapting to remote work; we're actively shaping a culture that says, "We see you, we appreciate you, and we're here for you" no matter where 'here' might be.

Navigating the Challenges of Remote Work at Demand Inc.

Working from home in Mexico, sandwiched between the laughter of my kids and the companionship of two French bulldogs, I've come to appreciate the nuances of remote work. We're not just facing the challenges of remote work; we're redefining them. It's not about overcoming hurdles; it's about transforming them into opportunities that enrich our team and culture.

Here's a slice of our day-to-day:

  • Virtual Gatherings: Every week, we kick things off with what we call the “Weekendr” standup. It’s a chance to share the highs and lows of our weekends, from the little victories with our families to the serene moments of solitude. It's about bringing our whole selves to work, even if it's through a screen.
  • Clear Communication: We've found clarity to be the cornerstone of remote collaboration. Whether it's a strategy session with colleagues in Spain or a project debrief with the team in Colombia, we ensure everyone's on the same page—literally and figuratively.
  • Productivity Through Trust: Our approach to maintaining productivity is built on trust, not surveillance. We equip our teams with the right tools and then step back, allowing autonomy to drive our collective output.
  • Engagement and Fun: Trivia games, and virtual cooking classes led by chefs from around the globe—these activities aren't just breaks from work; they're integral to it. They keep us connected, and engaged, and remind us that work can be fun and culturally enriching.
  • Support Beyond Work: When one of us needs a hand, like a ride to an appointment or a meal after a long day, we've got it covered. It's our way of saying we're here for each other, in and out of 'office' hours.

At Demand Inc., we're navigating the remote work journey together, anchored by a spirit of teamwork and a culture where every challenge we meet is just another story we'll tell about our shared success. From here in Mexico to our partners across the states and beyond, we're all in this together, writing our collective story one successful project at a time.

Empowering a Global Workforce and Fostering Team Spirit

We're not just a company; we're a global family. Spread out from Guadalajara to cities around the world, our team is a rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds and cultures. But no matter where we are, from Spain to Argentina to the US, we're bound together by a shared mission and mutual support. It's not about where you work; it's how we work together that counts.

We find ways to bridge the physical distance and celebrate our achievements. Sure, we don't pass each other in the hallways, but we're connected in more ways than one:

  • Culinary Connections: Every other week, we swap spreadsheets for spatulas and connect over virtual cooking classes led by chefs from all over the world.
  • Gaming and Bonding: Post-work trivia battles are a thing around here, turning colleagues into teammates and competitors, fueling friendship with a bit of friendly rivalry.
  • Weekendr Standups: Come Monday, it's not just deadlines we discuss. We share stories of weekend escapades and family adventures, reminding us all that there's life beyond the laptop.

And when it comes to showing our appreciation, it's personal. We celebrate the wins, big and small. Recently, we celebrated our Halloween costume contest not just with applause over a video call, but with real-world rewards, like an Uber trip for an employee's partner to a crucial appointment. It's these moments that show we're about more than just results, we're about people.

This approach isn't just good for morale; it's good for business. When our team is engaged and valued, they bring their best to every client interaction, every lead they nurture, and every strategy they develop. It's a cycle of success, happy employees lead to happy clients, and happy clients lead to a thriving business.

So, while we might use tools like Uber for Business to smooth out the day-to-day, it's the human connections and shared experiences that drive Demand Inc. forward. That's our edge in the world of lead generation, our global reach, combined with a personal touch and genuine care for our team's well-being, ensures that we're not just hitting targets, but also creating a workplace that's truly worldwide.

Measuring Success in a Remote Environment

As the Director of Demand Generation for Demand Inc., my home office isn't just a workspace, it's a command center where family life and work blend seamlessly. Measuring success in this remote environment goes beyond the typical metrics. It's personal, and here's how we approach it:

  • Real Engagement: We look at how the team shows up, not just in numbers but in spirit. It's in the laughter during our virtual cooking classes and the playful banter in our trivia games that we find the true measure of engagement.
  • Genuine Well-being: Regular check-ins aren't just formalities; they're genuine conversations. We gauge team morale not just to tick a box but to ensure everyone's thriving, not just surviving.
  • Productive Happiness: We're constantly connecting the dots between how our team feels and what they achieve. For us, productivity springs from satisfaction, and we track this closely because our people's happiness is our success.
  • Decisions with Heart: Our analytics go deeper. They inform us not only about performance but also about how our policies resonate with the team. We adapt based on what we hear and see because the data we value most is humankind.

At Demand Inc., our success isn't just a series of numbers on a spreadsheet. It's the sound of my kids' giggles interrupting a Zoom call, it's the shared stories in our 'Weekendr' standups, and it's the knowledge that our team, from all corners of the globe, is as invested in our mission as I am in my family here at home.


From my home office in Guadalajara, where family life mingles with work, I gain a clear perspective on the vision that Derek Rey, our founder and CEO, has instilled in Demand Inc. In my role as Director of Demand Gen, I've observed that our true strength emerges from the unity and dedication of our team rather than the isolated successes of individuals.

Remote work has become more than a modern convenience, it's the stage where our diverse ensemble performs daily. It's where my colleagues, from Spain to Colombia to the US, and I come together, sharing not just our professional goals but the fabric of our lives, like our 'Weekendr' standups that turn Monday mornings into a tapestry of shared stories.

We don't measure our days by the number of emails we send but by the laughter in our virtual cooking sessions, the camaraderie in our trivia games, and the quiet thanks of a team member who, thanks to a simple gesture, could support their family in a time of need. These moments encapsulate the true essence of our work.

So as we look forward, it's with gratitude for this opportunity to lead a company that's as much about technology and innovation as it is about being human, embracing diversity, and nurturing the bonds that make us more than just a team.

We're a community, journeying together, proving that even in a world that values digital connectivity, the human connection will always be our most precious asset.

I'm Daniel Trujillo, a director, father, and friend from Mexico, and this is the heart of Demand Inc. Thank you for being a part of our story.

Daniel Trujillo

In a dynamic decade of digital marketing, Daniel Trujillo has orchestrated the melodies of Marketing, SEO, demand generation, and brand crescendo. From Sales Development beginnings to leading as the Director of Demand Generation, Daniel's versatility shines through roles as an SEO virtuoso and sales maestro. Renowned for devising campaigns that resonate and drive stellar SEO rankings, setting them on trajectories of unparalleled growth. With an analytical core and an innovative spirit, Daniel empowers brands to dance confidently in the digital realm. His philosophy? Dive deep, dream big, and inspire business symphonies.

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