Because life is short


🏝️️ 2024 Trip coming 🏝️️
2023 Tulum
2020 Medellin

2019 Miami
2018 seattle
2017 paris

Why LFG? At Demand Inc., we don't shy away from challenge; we embrace it. Just as JFK once galvanized a nation to journey to the moon, not because it was easy but because it was hard, we too accept our mission with relentless enthusiasm. Ours is a business landscape where a 'no' is the expectation 99% of the time. Yet, each 'no' isn't a closed door; it's a stepping stone, a rite of passage, it’s one ‘no’ closer to the next yes.

Life is a brief interlude. In the face of its ephemeral nature, we believe that the greater the challenge, the grander the triumph. It is not the easy path that shapes us, but the difficult one—the steep climbs, the rugged terrains, the unexpected detours. They make the journey worthwhile, and in this journey, the struggle is not an obstacle but the reward itself.

We're not just a team; we're a family. A Demand family that works together, struggles together, and triumphs together. We don't build Demand for the sake of business; we build Demand for us—for each individual who's part of this incredible voyage. It is our collective ambition that drives us, our unified vision that propels us toward untold horizons. LFG! Onward, to the moon and beyond!"

inspired by JFK, J.Cole, & Teddy Roosevelt
Let's go!
Join an incredible team
Join 100+ amazing people in 6 continents — we create unicorns 🦄 (5X)

The Perks

Your success is our success.

Professional growth

Develop professional experience working with the world's most recognizable and respected companies (E.g., unicorn startups, VC firms, Silicon Valley tech cos, and sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc).

forever remote

Never commute again. Life is short. Travel. See the world. Be wherever you want to be. All you’ll need is a good internet connection and a quiet place to get work done.


What you put in is what you're going to get out. We're not going to stop you. Enjoy uncapped commission and an organizational  vision to help you crush it. The future is yours. Let's go!


We close for 2 weeks, annually (at the end of the year), so we can all rest together and truly enjoy the time off. We observe 9 US holidays.


Connection is the most important element of a distributed team. Hence, we fly everyone from all over the globe to an annual team trip where there will be an abundance of food, friendly faces, and memories that will last a lifetime.

taking care

If you're sick, get better. We offer 18 PTO (paid-time-off) and we don't encourage you to work nights or weekends. We know that wellness is both physical and mental, so we want you to take care of yourself.

What our people say

About their experience @ Demand.
“I'd say 'supercharge' your career + personal life. Flexibility to move, no commutes, endless learning, incredible clients, and genuinely good people. Plus, it's fun to see Demand's clients anywhere you look."
Marina Jimenez
Business Development Manager
"I'd say 'grateful' for Demand as I decided to change things up and move across the country. My team, my clients, the work, stayed constant, while I built a new version of myself — by far my best self. :) I ❤️ Demand.”
Nic Farnham
Business Development Manager
"I'd have to say 'growth' because my professional achievements (like generating $100M+ in pipeline in 12-months) mirror that of my personal achievements, while living in Greece, London, New York, Vancouver, etc."
Rhea Sideris
Director of Business Development
"Hmm, I'd say 'relationships' because Demand's greatest achievements won't be measured in commas or zeros, but the relationships that we develop along the way. We're definitely building something very special."
Derek Rey
Founder & CEO