europe to usa

We bring a modern and direct sales approach from the Silicon Valley to European companies looking to win US revenue.

crossing the pond?

We can help.

CULTURAL benefits

Don't worry about your English or the cultural differences of selling in the US. We've got you covered with translation, copywriting, and managed outreach from our team in San Francisco. 

time to market

You can drastically reduce your time to market, and get in front of qualified buyers in as little as 3-weeks. Our goal is to help you win revenue, through qualified meetings, which will give you a better idea of the market opportunity and team you'll want to build.

deal flow

Your investors value revenue from international markets. Not getting to the US fast enough could have a negative impact on your valuation and finances down the road. We'll help you validate your product-market fit and win US customers.
us expansion

28X less cultural barriers to revenue

The US has a GDP equal to the entire EU (28 countries). If you're thinking about taking your company across a border and adapting your product and team to a new culture, why not go to the biggest market? We narrow the gap.


We didn't want to just join the European startup ecosystem. We wanted to be at the center of it, which is why we partnered with The Family. They're based in the heart of the startup ecosystem: in Paris, Berlin, and London.
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